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Gov. Cuomo: Federal Funds to Elevate Flood-Prone Power Substations

Gov. Cuomo: Federal Funds to Elevate Flood-Prone Power Substations

Long Beach - (WALK) U.S. taxpayers will provide $72 million to elevate at least 32 power transmission and distribution substations at flood-prone sites on Long Island and in the Rockways, according to Governor Andrew Cuomo.

The governor made the announcement Friday as he toured a substation in Long Beach, flooded after superstorm Sandy struck on October 29, 2012.

"Sandy Revealed serious weaknesses in the management and operation of the power utility on Long Island. Now we are investing in giving Long Island ratepayers a stronger and better utility that will be ready for the next storm," said Cuomo in a statement.

Three local substations have already been elevated; elevation and construction projects to prevent future damage continue at 12 stations that flooded during Sandy, and similar projects are scheduled at 20 substations on Long Island's flood plane, according to state officials.

The Long Island Power Authority maintains 180 substations: facilities to "step-down" electricity from high-voltage power plants for distribution to its clients.

Billions of dollars in federal funds will be used to help dozens of counties throughout New York recover from Sandy and prepare for future storms.

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