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Good Car, Bad Money Orders

Good Car, Bad Money Orders

East Garden City (WALK) - A car sale gone bad on Long Island has landed a Brooklyn man behind bars.

Police say Derrick Boothe, 24, tried to buy a used Mercedes Benz that had been advertised on Craigslist by using money orders that had been obtained fraudulently. The seller, whose name has not been released by police, contacted authorities after finding out the money orders Boothe gave him had been purchased using debit cards from various bank accounts that had been funded with fraudulent checks.

Investigators say Boothe and the seller first met last Saturday, with Boothe agreeing to buy the Mercedes for $12,500 and handing over a $1,000 deposit. When the two met again on Monday, Boothe allegedly came up with several money orders worth over $10,000 total, at which point the seller said that he wanted to verify the money orders before releasing the title and vehicle.

The scheme unraveled after the car seller took the money orders to a post office and U.S. Postal Inspectors were notified, according to police. Boothe was arrested on Tuesday when he showed up to pick up the car.

According to investigators, the banks that were swindled lost more than $5,900.

Boothe is being arraigned today on charges including grand larceny and fraud.

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