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Four Arrested in Phony Credit Card Scheme at Local Target

Four Arrested in Phony Credit Card Scheme at Local Target

Westbury (WALK) - You've heard about recent data breaches of store credit card systems? This is what happens after that.

Nassau police say they arrested four Queens men at a Target store in Westbury yesterday after they went on a spending spree using phony credit cards. The cards were loaded with account information that had been stolen from unsuspecting charge card holders.

The four are also charged with using doctored cards to purchase merchandise at a Target store in Valley Stream earlier in the day.

The suspects are identified as Shaquille Vickers, 20; Igmar Depusoir, 19; Kevin Mack, 22; and Dorrell Alexander, 23. Investigators say that an employee at the Westbury Target recognized the men as having used fake cards at the store before, and contacted police.

The men were arrested in the parking lot. In their car, police say they had several thousand dollars worth of Target merchandise, along with numerous fradulent cards.

The four suspects are scheduled to be arraigned today, on charges including grand larceny and forgery.

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