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Emergency Fuel Reserve for Metro NY-LI

Washington, D.C. - (WALK) Do you remember the incredible gasoline shortage on Long Island after superstorm Sandy in 2012? The federal goverment remembers, and plans to create an emergency gasoline depot for our region later this year.

A 500,000 barrel depot would be located near New York Harbor, according to U.S. Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz Friday.  Another half million barrel reserve would be located near New England, he said.

The New York facility may be available by late summer, during hurricane season.  Federal officials are pursuing fuel providers and five-year contracts with commercial storage companies. The cost of the project is estimated at $200 million, said Moniz.

New York state plans a similar reserve, exclusively for Long Island. The $10 million pillot project would hold approximately 70,000 barrels of gasoline, about 3 million gallons, at the Northville Industries facility in East Setauket, according to Governor Cuomo.

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