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Dickensian Twist to East End Robberies

Dickensian Twist to East End Robberies

Riverhead - (WALK) A Suffolk couple are accused of using their eight-year-old daughter to steal auto parts and other items from a scrap yard on Eastern Long Island.

Police say Spencer Stewart, 34, and Dianna Censoprano, 38, of Selden made the girl climb over a fence to steal radiators, tires and rims from Mid Island Auto Parts on Kroemer Avenue, Riverhead, according to police.

Police say Stewart, Censoprano, the girl and Censoprano's four-year-old son were in a car with stolen items at the time of their arrest late Monday evening.

Authorities say Stewart and the girl were recorded in the act of scaling the fence and loading items valued at approximately $1,000 into their car, according to published accounts.

Stewart and Censoprano are accused of several charges including felony grand larceny and two counts of endangering the welfare of a child and were arraigned Tuesday in Riverhead Town Court.  Stewart was held on $10,000 cash bail, Censoprano was held on $2,000 bail, and reportedly released Wednesday.  The two children were placed in the custody of a relative, said police.

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