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DC Talks, Government Shutdown, Continue

DC Talks, Government Shutdown, Continue

Washington, D.C. - (WALK)  House Republicans and Obama Administration officials continue talks to avoid federal default, and reopen the government.  On Long Island an estimated 8,000 federal workers on Long Island remian furloughed from their jobs.

Most of the out-of-workers are in support or clerical roles.  Air traffic controllers, Transportation Safety Administration agents, postal letter carriers, members of the U.S. military, and some courts workers will remain on the job; the Social Security Administration remained open Monday with some limititations.

Financial authorities say the partial government shut down could have a significant economic impact on our region if it continues for a week or more.  The partial shutdown may have an impact on Long Island's housing market for neighbors seeking federally-backed loans. 

Local Effects of Shutdown in New York's First U.S. Congressional District

A member of Long Island's Congressional delegation issued an impact-statement Monday, detailing some  effects of the Federal Government Shutdown on our community. The list will, from the office of Congressman Timothy Bishop (D-Southampton) will be updated regularly.

Social Security District Office: The office in Patchogue is open to handle urgent issues such as appeals and benefit applications. Applications for a social security number and to replace a social security card (about 100 requests are received per day) will not be processed. Social Security benefit payments will not be affected, and will be delivered on time.

Army Corps of Engineers: The Superstorm Sandy supplemental appropriations legislation will continue to fund work on Sandy-related construction projects including the Fire Island to Montauk Point Study and the emergency project to stabilize the beach in Downtown Montauk. Impact on Sandy construction projects and other future operations could be affected in the event of a prolonged shutdown.

106th Rescue Wing at Gabreski Air Base: All or nearly all of the 218 "dual status" technicians who had been previously furloughed due to sequestration budget cuts will now be furloughed for the duration of the shutdown.

Calverton National Cemetery Operations at the Cemetery are fully funded until October 15. Should the shutdown continue past that date, approximately two-thirds of the cemetery's 100 employees will be furloughed, leading to reductions in the number of burials performed and maintenance such as groundskeeping at the cemetery.

Stony Brook University: The direct student loan program will not be affected. The payment management system at the National Institutes of Health, SBU's largest source of research funds, will be available, but administrative support will not. Researchers can draw down money from their grants unless the request needs to be reviewed or approved. New grant applications can be filed but they will not be acted upon until the workforce returns.

Federal Wildlife Preserves/ Fire Island National Seashore will be closed to visitors. Residents and contractors will still be able to access Fire Island at Robert Moses State Park. Wertheim National Wildlife Refuge in Shirley and Morton National Wildlife Refuge in Noyac will be closed.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Facility, The IRS field office and the Taxpayer Advocate Service is also closed, employees are furloughed.

The U.S. Customs and Immigration Service: The USCIS field office in Holtsville and the entire agency is operating at full capacity because they are primarily funded by user fees.

In a the statement Monday, Bishop (D-Southampton) said, “I remain hopeful that there will be a change of heart among my colleagues and the destructive effects of this shutdown will be reversed soon."

"My offices on Long Island and in Washington will remain open to serve my constituents during this period. It is important to note that Social Security payments, and Medicare and Medicaid coverage are funded through a mandatory appropriations process and will not be affected,” said Bishop.

For details about effects of the Federal Government Shutdown in U.S. Congressional districts on Long Island contact your representative in Congress

Congressman Timothy Bishop,

Patchogue: 631-289-6500,   Southampton: 631-259-8450

Congressman Steven Israel, Melville: 631-777-7391

Congressman Peter King, Massapequa Park: (516 or 631) 541-4225.

Congresswoman Caroline McCarthy, Garden City: (516) 739-3008

Photo: David Maiolo


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