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DA: Horse Trainer's Killer Wanted Revenge

DA: Horse Trainer's Killer Wanted Revenge

Riverhead (WALK) - They used to be friends.

That's what prosecutors are saying about the Setauket horse trainer and the man who allegedly shot him through the window of his Setauket home last month. Brett Knight of Manhattan (pictured at left) pleaded not guilty to murder charges yesterday. A judge ordered that Knight, 45, be held without bail.

Ross Reisner, 50, was fatally shot in the back on September 24th when 11 bullets came crashing through the kitchen window of his house on Upper Sheep Pasture Road. Spota says Knight admits that he intended to kill both Reisner and his partner of 26 years, Kevin Murray. Murray was grazed by a bullet.

Suffolk District Attorney Tom Spota says that Knight once rented a basement apartment from Reisner and Murray, but the relationship soured after the couple took sides against him in a lawsuit filed against his former employer, American Express. Knight sued the firm after he was fired, saying he had been discriminated against because he was HIV positive, but Murray reportedly wrote a letter to American Express saying Knight was lying.

Knight was arrested October 9th in Tennessee. Police say he had two handguns in his possession, one of which was the murder weapon.

The couple took out an order of protection against Knight after he went on a rampage in their home with a sword while he was still living there. Knight was evicted and charged with misdemeanor assault, but later pleaded guilty to a lesser charge. He was charged with harassment this past August as a result of threatening text messages that the couple received.

"He convinced himself that they were responsible for everything that was wrong in his life," says Spota.

Photo: Suffolk DA


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