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Cops: "Nice Try, You're Busted"


Wyandanch - (WALK)  It was a clever try, but Suffolk police didn't go for it.  A Wyandanch man is accused of trying to avoid arrest by falsely reporting a shooting. 

Police say Chazeray Johnson, 23 (pictured), of Lake Drive, was observed smoking and holding an open container of alcohol near the gas pumps at a service station on Straight Path Tuesday evening.

Johnson got into the passenger seat of a late-model Honda Civic, and police stopped the car when it entered the roadway, shortly before 11:00 p.m.

As officers wrote tickets for offenses, the received a call about shots fired at another location.  One of the officers noticed Johnson was using a cell phone and decided to check the department computer for the "shots-fired" complaintant's phone number.  When the officer entered the number, Johnson's phone rang.  Johnson was, in all-manner of speaking, "busted."

Later, when questioned, Johnson admitted thinking he could get the officers to run off and respond to the more serious call instead of writing his summonses.  He is charged with numerous offenses, including falsely reporting an incident.

Photo: Suffolk County Police


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