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Brookhaven to Require CO Detectors in Commercial Buildings

Brookhaven to Require CO Detectors in Commercial Buildings

Farmingville (WALK) - The Town of Brookhaven is moving to prevent tragedies like the death of a restaurant manager from carbon monoxide poisoning at the Walt Whitman Mall last week.

Town Supervisor Ed Romaine says Brookhaven is poised to become the first municipality in the state to require commercial, industrial and office buildings in the town to have CO detectors installed. The Town Board will vote at a March 4th meeting to schedule a public hearing on the matter for march 25th.

"A deadly event like the recent one in Huntington forces all municipalities to look more closely at our fire and building codes and make changes to help prevent another tragedy from happening again,” said Supervisor Romaine.

Romaine’s legislation would amend the current town code to include requiring carbon monoxide systems or detectors in all newly constructed buildings or structures including commercial, industrial, office and others where there is public assembly. All existing buildings or structures must have them installed within 90 days of the new law’s effective date.

Brookhaven town code currently follows the state code, which requires carbon monoxide detectors only in homes and public buildings where people sleep, like hotels.

A malfunctioning water heater flue pipe at the Legal Sea Foods restaurant at the Walt Whitman Mall last Saturday night caused a carbon monoxide build-up in the basement. The restaurant manager, Steve Nelson, 55, of Copiague, was found unconscious in a basement rest room and could not be revived. Over two dozen others were taken to the hospital with symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, including several first responders.


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