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Baby Gator Turned in to Suffolk SPCA

Baby Gator Turned in to Suffolk SPCA

Miller Place (WALK) - Maybe an alligator doesn't make such a good pet after all.

That's apparently what a Miller Place man decided before calling the Suffolk SPCA, which rescued the 2-foot long baby reptile yesterday. The alligator appeared to be in good health when it was taken from the man's home, rescuers say, and will be turned over to a licensed reptile facility.

Suffolk SPCA Chief Roy Gross praised the man for doing "the right thing" by turning over the alligator to rescuers rather than abandoning it, as some people do when they become overwhelmed by an exotic wild animal after trying to keep it as a pet. 19 alligators have been turned in or abandoned on Long Island over the past year, according to Gross.

Meanwhile, the Suffolk SPCA says the reward to catch an animal abuser in Riverhead has grown to $5,200. They're asking for tips to find whoever slashed the throats of four tiny kittens before throwing their bodies into a yard behind a business on East Main Street. Anyone with information is asking to call the Suffolk SPCA at (631) 382-7722. All calls will remain confidential.

Photo: Suffolk SPCA


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