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Attacker at Large After Hospital Assault

Attacker at Large After Hospital Assault

East Meadow (WALK) - Police still haven't arrested the knife-wielding attacker who snuck up on a correction officer and slashed him at Nassau University Medical Center yesterday.

The officer, whose name has not been released, was on guard outside the room of a prisoner just before 11 AM Wednesday when he was slashed across the neck. The incident sent the hospital into lockdown but authorities weren't able to track down the person who did it, despite a floor-to-floor search.

The victim was attacked from behind and the assailant doesn't seem to have been provoked in any obvious way, investigators are saying. They also don't believe that the prisoner being guarded knew the attacker.

The officer needed stitches to close the wound, but he was released from the hospital. The weapon hasn't been found.

Security remained tight at NUMC all day yesterday, even after the facility was reopened.

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