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Arrest Made in $10K ATM Skim-Scam on LI

Arrest Made in $10K ATM Skim-Scam on LI

Central Islip (WALK) - So you think your money is safe in the bank? Not always, apparently.

A man has been arrested in a creative scheme to steal from bank customers by using a skimming device attached to ATM machines. This is the second time since March that Marian Serban (pictured above) has been charged in a skimming scam. Serban, 43, was arrested yesterday as he left First District Court in Central Islip, where he'd attended a hearing in his earlier arrest.

Police say the suspect withdrew almost $10,000 from the bank accounts of 13 victims by installing illegal skimming devices and pinhole cameras on ATM machines at two Astoria Bank branches, in Kings Park and Huntington Station. The victims would unwittingly swipe their cards into the skimming device, in an attempt to use the ATM. The skimmer would then recorded all the cardholder's personal information, encoded on the card's magnetic strip. The pinhole camera, meanwhile, would tape video of the keypad as the cardholder entered their PIN number.

Serban is charged with grand theft and identity theft. He is being arraigned on the new charges today.

Police say the suspect is a native of Romania who oftens visits American cities like Miami and Las Vegas, in addition to Long Island.



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