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Another Guilty Plea in LIRR Disability Scandal

Another Guilty Plea in LIRR Disability Scandal

New York (WALK) - Another retired Long Island Rail Road worker is facing prison time after admitting he schemed to inflate his pension by faking a disability.

Donald Alevas of Patchogue pleaded guilty yesterday at federal court in Manhattan, making him the 26th person to admit guilt in the scandal. He was charged with making a false statement. Alevas, 54, will probably get no more than six months behind bars, if he's given any prison time at all.

Prosecutors say that Alevas plotted with Dr. Peter Ajemian of Syosset to time a disability claim so that it conincided with his retirement date. That would inflate his annual pension from $55,000 to about $88,000.

Ajemian allegedly signed off on a medical exam for Alevas that never took place. He has already pleaded guilty.

Ironically, Alevas does, in fact, have a hearing impairment that might have qualified him for disability payments, but his application listed fraudulent disability claims as well, prosecutors say. Alevas claimed he could not drive, walk or stand because of additional disabilities.

Alevas was the LIRR's director of shop equipment, engineering and environmental compliance.

Photo: Adam E. Moreira


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