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Alleged Reckless Bikers Busted on LIE

Alleged Reckless Bikers Busted on LIE

Holtsville (WALK) - Just a few weeks after a "motorcycle rage" case in Manhattan that made headlines around the world, there's been a similar incident in Suffolk.

Seven motorcyclists were arrested for alleged reckless driving on the Long Island Expressway near exit 63 yesterday. Police began following the group after receiving several 911 calls from other drivers, reporting that the bikers were speeding and weaving in and out of traffic as they headed eastbound near exit 49.

The suspects include Nicholas Belletti of Great Neck, 28 (at left in picture) and Victor DaSilva of Farmingdale, 33 (at right in picture). The rest of the seven are identified as Edward Gianino of Farmingdale, 25; Emilio Morales of Brooklyn, 28; Ian Glass of Farmingdale, 20; Oskar Bucki of Queens, 20; and David Golaszewski of Queens, 20.

Police say that a highway patrol officer in a high-performance Mustang did not actually chase the group but followed them for about 10 exits while other squad cars up ahead slowed down traffic so that it would be safe to stop the motocycles. The Mustang was marked but police think the bikers may not have realized they were being followed because of the low-profile lights on its roof.

The motorcycles were impounded by police. The men will be arraigned at a later date, according to police.

In the Manhattan case, a group of bikers chased and beat an SUV driver after a road-rage incident.

Photo: Suffolk Police


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