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Alleged On-Line Dating Scam Lands Holbrook Man in Jail

Alleged On-Line Dating Scam Lands Holbrook Man in Jail

Williston Park (WALK) - Being a cad isn't illegal, but that's not the only reason a Holbrook man finds himself behind bars today after an incident involving a woman he met via online dating.

Nassau police say Jose Ruela, 44, scammed $3,200 from a 44-year-old woman after meeting her on a dating web site. When the two met in person in Williston Park back in July, Ruela allegedly told the victim he was a U.S. Marshall and a retired New York City Police officer, and asked her to lend him $3,200 because his car had been repossessed.

As collateral, investigators say Ruela gave the woman the title to another vehicle, but it was one he no longer owned. In addition, Ruela allegedly gave the woman a fraudulent check that he'd signed, in exchange for the cash. When the victim asked for her money back about a week later, Ruela allegedly told the woman to cash the check, but her bank told her it was a fake.

Ruela was arrested Thursday in front of his home. He's being arraigned this morning on charges including grand larcency, forgery and criminal impersonation.

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