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Alleged Burglary Ring Busted in Islip

Alleged Burglary Ring Busted in Islip

Central Islip - (WALK)  Five young Islip residents are accused of committing a series of at least 11 burglaries at local businesses between October and their arrest this week, said Suffolk Police.

The suspects, ranging in age from 17 to 22 (including a 17-year-old girl), were stealing to support drug habits and struck mostly stores and bars in the Town of Islip, usually after hours.  They called their activities "going shopping," according to detectives.

The burglars were bagged shortly after allegedly stealing about 10 car batteries from vehicles at the Islip Town impound yard.  Detectives say the batteries were stolen sometime after midnight, and had been sold within hours, indicating they were experienced in disposing of stolen property.

The suspects are Kevin Alver, 21, of Islip Terrace; Kenneth Dillman, 18, of East Islip; Christopher Craft, 22, of Bay Shore; Thomas Miller, 17, of Lindenhurst, and Lindsay Mitt, 17, also of Lindenhurst.  Mitts was released on station house bail and is scheduled to be arraigned in March.  They are accused of a variety of crimes including burglary, drug possession and criminal trespass.


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