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Accused Puppy-Napper Nabbed

Accused Puppy-Napper Nabbed

Middle Island - (WALK) A Middle Island man spent the night penned-up at a police precinct, after his arrest for allegedly breaking into a pet store and stealing a Rottweiler puppy.

Justin Geiger, 23, of Lake Court is accused of smashing the door to Friends of Freddie Pet Rescue, located at 210 Middle Country Road, Middle Island, and stealing the dog.  Police were alerted to the damage and theft by an employee who opened the store on Wednesday morning, June 26.

Investigators say Geiger (pictured) had visited the store a day earlier and asked if the puppy had an identifying/tracking microchip implanted.  Store employees said it didn't.  The next day the dog was dog-gone.

Police paid a visit, and found Geiger had the dog in his possession.  He was arrested Thursday and charged with burglary.


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