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8 Years for Long Beach Man who Dragged Teen in DWI Crash

8 Years for Long Beach Man who Dragged Teen in DWI Crash

Mineola - (WALK) A Long Beach man will spend up to eight years in prison for striking a 15-year-old girl with his car, then dragging her body 600 feet as she walked her bicycle across a street a year ago.

German Gutierrez, 50, was sentenced Friday at Nassau County Court.  Earlier, Guitierrez pleaded guilty to charges including aggravated drunken driving, depraved indifference, and leaving the scene of an accident with physical injury.

Prosecutors say Gutierrez was driving drunk, with his headlights off, when he ran a stop sign at Edwards Boulevard in Long Beach, and struck then-15-year-old Sarah Colletti at about 9:00 p.m. on September 3, 2012.

According to testimony in court Colletti was dragged 600 feet, removing skin and exposing the bones of her feet, knees, elbow and shoulrder. Colletti has undergone a reported five surgical procedures, including skin grafts, to repair damage caused by the crash, and may require additional surgery this year.

Police say Guitierrez continued driving his 2002 Jeep Liberty after Colletti's body fell away, struck another vehicle, drove up a sidewalk, then came to a stop in the street.


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